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Founded in 2010, Ameotech Informatics is an established software development company anchored in Mohali, India. Since our foundation, many talented minds have joined our ranks and today, we are a large growing team of software experts catering to clients in India. Read More...

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Core values

  • Empowerment

    We believe in empowering our clientele to think big and be the market leaders by helping them deliver great services using our innovative custom digital solutions.

  • Reflection

    We stay committed to looking inward at our practices and policies from time to time to make sure our tech family not only feels heard but also confident about their place in the company.

  • Responsiblity

    We take the responsibility of delivering high-quality products on time and navigating our clients in the ever-changing world of technology. This is done so our products can help businesses achieve sustainable economic growth regardless of the vitality of time and resources.

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Company strategy


Our vision is to become the software development partner of choice in India and USA. To live by it, we envision bold and transformative ideas with bravery all while being smart and selective about our tools and approaches. Most importantly, we keep doing what we love - creating bug-free, convenient, and stylish digital products.


We exist to design digital platforms that not only facilitate but also empower a brand's niche tribe. Through these ingenious and custom-made applications, we also want to encourage businesses to penetrate their respective markets with utmost confidence. And, in the process of building our clients, we want to become an exceptional web and mobile development company in the emerging cross-industry segments.


Ameotech's purpose lies in translating the core values of businesses into intuitive interfaces that resonate with their users. We want to become more than just one-time vendors for our clients. We want to be their partner, enabler, and true collaborator, so we can create a team extension that's built around unification.



Ameotech is a company that's brimming with experts from diverse backgrounds. All the teams are able to work harmoniously toward common goals because they share a common objective - creating digital products and experiences that are focussed on genuine needs of clients and end-users. This is fueled by their passion for pragmatic and success-oriented work.

Technologies We Work On

Get work done in 200+ different technologies.

Asp.Net MVC
.Net Core
Angular JS
Ionic framework
React native
Machine Learning
Graphic design
Web design

Company services

At Ameotech, we deliver high-quality services from the early conception stage to tech support. We aim to turn your vision into workable features by offering a comprehensive range of software development services to include custom web and mobile development, software project management, UX designing and prototyping, testing (load & performance testing) and compliance. We work with technologies such as Node JS, Python, Django, and more to develop problem-solving products. Additionally, we provide Software development services and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) services. We also have a digital marketing team in place that has a keen understanding of the happenings of the current digital landscape. This team leverages the power of marketing platforms to connect audiences with content worth sharing & spreading using its unique SEO and SMM strategies. Through these offerings, we don't just turn ideas into reality but we also bring your structure and competence without compromising on quality.


Why choose us ?

We are just as good with testing as we are with developing. You also received ongoing support for any feature add-ons as well as OS and security upgrade compatibility.


Alex Papaconstantinou

Owner of Wikigains (UK top coupon website)

As a Full Stack Python Web Developer this supplier has been responsible for managing the interchange of data between the server and the users of a coupon website, targeting the UK online retail market, and a webhosting site targeting the USA. His primary focus has been the development of all server-side logic, ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end. He has also been responsible for building and integrating the front-end elements built. Though at the start of the project there was a serious underestimation of the amount of work involved, which ended up costing the project 4 times as much in time and money, the supplier have fixed this with other attributes such as their availability, good communication and willingness to please the customer. The supplier still needs to work on providing more accurate estimates as well as their skills on responsive web development. Overall, we are very pleased, and we continue to work with this supplier on further developing our websites.

Derek Thomas

Founder and M.D. (Incremental developers, LLC)

Had some very specific requests for design of my UX/Ui and was interested in getting it into a staging environment to have some static pages done up. Good work. While it wasn't always right on the first try, that was partially due to me passing over Balsamiq mockups. The end result was good quality work. Spend a little more time on the discussions, planning things out, sending over very specific instructions or designs, and Jatin, and this firm (Ameotec) are absolutely a good company to work with.

Shachindra agarwal

President & CEO – SWStrategies LLC

The company is happy with Ameotech Informatics’ quality of work and performance. They follow processes well and deliver on time. The end customers also praise their work. The team has proven to be extremely reliable, and their resources are great developers. Overall, the engagement is a success. 

Nathan Srikant

Product manager, Advisory firm

Ameotech Informatics delivered a functional app on time and without significant issues, satisfying both the client and end client. The team communicates effectively through email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. Their valuable resources and their consistency encourage a continued partnership.

Ijaz Parpia

Managing Partner, DecisionGPS LLC

Ameotech Informatics has successfully delivered the tasks on time, gaining recognition from an end client for driving the accuracy of business transactions. They have efficiently utilized various modes of communication. Customers can expect a collaborative team with an open management style.

Elliot Frantz

CEO at Virtue security

Working for years together and would recommend to anyone


We are top rated on Upwork

Ameotech Informatics has been rated as a top IT services provider on Upwork in 2016 with 100% job success rate. Upwork is the world's largest talent marketplace that connects businesses with professionals and companies around the world.

We are top rated on Clutch in 2022

We are really honored to be featured on Clutch 2021 list of companies as one of the top IT firms. This award means a lot to the whole company. It brings happiness and gives strength to our development team.

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